Creating a Patient Demographics Record

The Demographics form stores important patient data used by clinicians and billers.

The Demographics Form

The Patient Demographics form is the first step in the client’s documentation journey within ClinicTracker. Each tab houses information about patients in various fields. Since each clinic has different needs, you may find that you will use some, but not all of the fields.

Required fields will be marked with an asterisk and will appear in red font if they are not completed. You will not be able to save your patient's Demographics form until all fields are completed.

Note for Administrators: To hide tabs that you don't need, go to Utilities -> Form Builder -> Configure Tab Order (Stock Form). To make sure that the fields you are hiding do not have required fields, go to Admin Config > Options > Preferences > Demographic Form Settings.

Creating a Patient Demographics Record

  • Go to: ClinicTracker > Patients > Demographics
  • Complete the necessary fields on each tab.
  • For information about each tab, see the links below.
  • Save your record.
Note: Patient Demographics Records may also be created when patients self-register online. Proxies (referral sources or parent/guardians) may also register patients if you have opted for this. 
Additional Details About Creating a Patient Demographics Record:

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