Can I Streamline my Process for Intakes?

Automate your workflow in Workflow Builder!

Streamlining Your Intake Process

Many clinics automate their intake process by leveraging the Patient Portal, Form Builder, Workflow Builder together.

Intake - Sample Workflow

This is just one workflows you could build to streamline your intake process.

  • Patient registers for Patient Portal.

  • SmartFlow automatically sends a packet of intake forms to the Patient Portal.

  • Patient completes packet of forms.

  • Workflow Builder automatically:

    • Emails the patient confirming receipt of the packet.

    • Assigns tasks to the intake coordinator/scheduling team.

New Patient - Sample Workflow

This is just one workflows you can build to streamline your new patient process.

  • Patient schedules a new Appointment on the Patient Portal.

  • ClinicTracker automatically:

    • Creates a linked Appointment.

    • Completes Appointment and Scheduler details based on Staff Info Form.

    • Grants access to the patient if staff has access to only assigned patients.

  • Workflow Builder automatically:

    • Email patients to notify of the Staff Assignment. 

    • Creates a due date for:

      • Comprehensive Assessment

      • Supervisor Review 

      • Treatment Plan

      • Treatment Plan Review (recurring)

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