Getting Started with Workflow Builder

Ensure that important tasks get done. Build workflows for your clinic that track tasks, paperwork, and due dates.

About Workflow Builder

Would you like to automate your clinic workflow? Workflow Builder lets you assign tasks to staff members and inspect task completion.

Best Practice: Answer these questions before building a workflow.
  1. What action takes place to initiate the workflow?
  2. What form does the action take place on?
  3. What task(s) needs to be completed?
  4. Who should complete the task?
  5. When is the task due?
  6. Does the task happen once, or is it recurring?
  7. Is the task only relevant for certain segments of your patient population?

Adding Workflow Builder

To add Workflow Builder or to request a demonstration, please submit a support ticket


  • Automated workflows
  • Employee engagement
  • Operational efficiency
  • Risk management
  • Audit preparation
Next Steps: We recommend a training session to begin using Workflow Builder. For new clinics, this will be scheduled by your Implementation Specialist.  If you are adding this feature after your Implementation, you will be contacted by a Success Representative.
More About Workflow Builder

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