Using Telehealth Connector

Connect with your patients remotely, using the web conference software of your choice.

About Telehealth Connector

With Telehealth Connector, you can use the telehealth platform of your choice, while also leveraging your favorite ClinicTracker features, like Scheduler, Patient Portal and Appointment Reminders. You can connect ClinicTracker to any web conference software with these characteristics:

  • One link gives the host access to multiple meetings.  We can also refer to this as a static link or a virtual room.
  • One link gives multiple guests access to the host's meetings. This link may be the same as or different from the host's link.
  • A virtual waiting room allows the host to shift guests between the waiting room and the meeting.

Distributing Telehealth Links to Attendees

It is easy to distribute links if you are familiar with these three event menus in Scheduler.

  • Open the Appointment from the Scheduler
  • Telehealth User Dropdown: select the staff member who will be hosting the telehealth session.
  • Telehealth Icon Dropdown (TV icon to the right of Telehealth User): gives you six different options to distribute the telehealth join links for an event (see image below.)
  •  Link to Patient: right-click on a patient name in Link to Patient for three ways to distribute links to a specific patient.

Another way to access join links is by right-clicking on the event in the Scheduler and selecting:

  • Join Telehealth Session
  • Get Staff Telehealth Link (You can then paste that link into any supported browser.)

Launching a Zoom Session

We will review here how staff will initiate and control a telehealth session via Zoom.

Staff members can launch a telehealth session as follows:

  • Paste the Staff Join Link into a web browser to access the session in Zoom. 
  • Click Open Zoom Meeting or Launch Meeting.
  • Click Join with Computer Audio.
  • As you join, you will have the option to admit patients from the waiting room.
  • Click Admit to invite the patient to join you in the conference.
  • Click on the Start Video icon to turn on your webcam.

Ending the Call

After you select the End button, you will have the option to click Leave Meeting or End Meeting for All.

If you select Leave Meeting, you will have the option to give control of the meeting to another host.

Using the Zoom Waiting Room

Staff members who host a telehealth session in Zoom can move patients to and from a virtual waiting room. They can also message patients who are waiting or remove patients altogether from the waiting room.

To manage the waiting room, click the Participants list where you can:

  • Admit a patient into the telehealth session from the waiting room by clicking Admit.
  • Mute a patient's microphone by clicking Mute.
  • Return a patient to the waiting room by clicking More and then Move to Waiting Room.
  • Send a one-way message to the waiting room by clicking Message and entering your message in the Chat window.

Joining a Zoom Session as a Patient

When you invite a patient to join a telehealth session, Zoom will have placed them in a waiting room until you admit them.

Once they are in the waiting room, they can see messages you send them. Once they are in the session, they can control their microphone and webcam. To join a telehealth session, the patients will follow these steps:

  • Paste the Patient Join Link into a web browser.
    • For instructions on finding this link, please see the Distributing Telehealth Links to Attendees section above.
  • Click Join with Computer Audio to be admitted to the waiting room.
  • While in the waiting room, patients will see a screen "Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon."
  •  Patients in the Waiting Room can also see the one-way chats sent by Staff.
  •  Once admitted to the session, patients can unmute and turn on video.
  •  To leave a session, patients click Leave Meeting.
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