Getting Started With Telehealth Connector

Schedule your telehealth appointments in ClinicTracker, using the teleconferencing software of your choice.

About Telehealth Connector

With Telehealth Connector, you can use the telehealth platform of your choice, while also leveraging your favorite ClinicTracker features, like Scheduler, Patient Portal and Appointment Reminders. You can connect ClinicTracker to any web conference software with these characteristics:

  • One link gives the host access to multiple meetings.  We can also refer to this as a static link or a virtual room.
  • One link gives multiple guests access to the host's meetings. This link may be the same as or different from the host's link.
  • A virtual waiting room allows the host to shift guests between the waiting room and the meeting.

Adding Telehealth Connector

To add Telehealth Connector or request a demonstration, please use the Support Tab and include the number of users you would like to add. 

Setting Up Telehealth Connector

  • Sign up with a web conferencing platform.
  • Set up a profile on your web conferencing account for each staff member who will be using telehealth.
  • For each Telehealth user, collect a Personal link and Personal Meeting ID link.
  • Update the Staff Info Records for telehealth users in ClinicTracker by going to Staff > Staff Info
  • Search for the telehealth user’s Staff Info Record using the binocular icon.
  • Click the Telehealth button at the bottom of the Staff Info Record.          
  • Place a checkmark next to Activate Telehealth Integration in the Telehealth Integration window, 
  • Paste the user's Personal Link into the box next to Staff Join Link. The Staff Join Link tells ClinicTracker what link a staff member should use to join a session. This link comes from your web conference provider. Zoom refers to this as a Personal Link.
  • Paste the user's Personal Meeting ID into the box next to Patient Join Link. The Patient Join Link field tells ClinicTracker what links a patient should use to join a session. This link comes from your web conference provider. Zoom refers to this as a Personal Meeting ID.
  • Click Update and close the window.

Zoom Specific Resources (These links will direct you to

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