Getting Started With Appointment Reminders

Encourage your patients to confirm upcoming appointments with an automatic phone call or texts.

About Appointment Reminders

Our Automated Appointment Reminders can help your clinic get more done. You can easily send automated calls and/or text messages to Patients, notifying them of appointments.


This feature has valuable integrations with the Patient Portal, allowing patients to confirm or cancel appointments on the portal and to set their reminder preferences. The Scheduler also integrates with Appointment Reminders, so you can easily identify if the appointment has been confirmed or canceled, and manually generate Reminders.

Adding Appointment Reminders

To add Appointment Reminders or request a demonstration, please use the Support Tab.


  • Fewer missed appointments

  • Increased revenue

  • Improved customer satisfaction

Next Steps: In response to your request, our team will enable the feature. As an Administrator, you can then configure your settings and craft your message templates by going to Admin Config > Options > Admin > Administrative Settings > Appointment Reminders > Configure. Once you have configured your Reminders, please let us know when you are ready to go live and begin sending messages based on your scheduled events.
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