Using Scheduler Icons and Colors

Use ClinicTracker's scheduler icons and colors to keep track of action items for your scheduled events.

About Scheduler Icons and Colors

There are many visual indicators in ClinicTracker to assist with identifying various items throughout. In the Scheduler, you will see many different icons and colors to inform and alert staff members of their action items. 

See the Status of and Appointment Reminder on a Calendar Event

If your clinic uses the Appointment Reminder feature in ClinicTracker,  you will notice colored phone icons on scheduled events. These icons indicate several different statuses for your patient's Appointment Reminder Call or SMS, Appointment Confirmation, Cancelations, whether the patient left a message, and if the reminder will not reach the patient. To assist with identifying this status, ClinicTracker uses color-coded phone icons. Each colored phone icon will indicate the status of a Reminder:

  •  No Call/SMS Scheduled.
  •  Appointment Confirmed.
  •  Appointment Canceled.
  •  Message Left.
  •  Unable to reach patient (no answer, invalid phone number, error occurred).

You can test the different Reminder statuses by right-clicking on a scheduled event and manually marking the reminder status. To manually mark the Reminder Status, go to Utilities >  Scheduler. 

  • Right-Click the Scheduled Event.
  • Click Mark Reminder As.
  • Click the choices for: Confirmed, Cancelled, Message Left, and Unable to Reach. 


See the Status of a Progress Note on a Calendar Event.

While using Appointment Records in ClinicTracker, the Scheduler will track the status of Progress Notes. The Scheduler uses three distinctly colored notepad icons to represent the Progress Note status of a linked appointment. To view events with Progress Note icons, go to Utilities > Scheduler:

  •  Locked Note: A Progress Note that has been signed and saved. 


  • Unlocked Note: A Progress Note with missing signatures. 

  • Missing Note: An Appointment Record without a Progress Note.

Identify Telehealth Events Using  theTelehealth Icon

When a Telehealth session has been scheduled, the Scheduler will display a TV-like icon with a Play arrow. 

Identify Private Calendar Events Using the Private Event Icon

In the Event Details form, you are given the option to mark the event as a Private Event. Once an Event has been marked private, the Scheduler will display a padlock icon.

To mark an event as a Private Event go to Utilities > Scheduler.

  • Open your Event. 
  • Check the Private Event box.
  • Save and Close.

Mark Calendar Events as Audited Using the Event Reviewed Icon

If your clinic has the Display Reviewed Option on Scheduler configured in Admin Config > Options > Admin tab then you will be provided with functionality to audit scheduled events, through an “Event Reviewed” checkbox, which will be visible on the Event Details form. This can be used to ensure a procedure is completed prior to the occurrence of a scheduled event. Only the members of the scheduling team, as designated on the Staff Info form, can edit the review check box. Anyone with access to the scheduler can see the review check box.


When the Event Reviewed box is checked by a member of the scheduling team, it will show the date and time of review on the Event screen. In the Event Details form, you are given the option to mark the event as reviewed. Once an Event has been marked for review, the Scheduler will display an R icon.

To mark an event as reviewed, go to  Utilities > Scheduler.

  • Open your Event
  • Check the Event Reviewed box.
  • Save and Close.

About Scheduler Colors

The Scheduler displays color coding for an array of different functions. Some of the functions include scheduling Resource Display, Availability Colors, Scheduled Event Colors, and Scheduling Color Override

Distinguish Between Different Scheduling Resources Using Resource Display Colors

The Resource Display colors will appear in the Scheduler as seen below:

  • Black: Staff
  • Blue: Patient
  • Green: Room

Identifying Work Hours and Staff Availability Using Colors

 The Scheduler will display several different colors to indicate when you are working, not working, and when there are conflicts. The Scheduler will also display color coding that can be set at the event type level to indicate your status for your Scheduled Event. To view the Availability Colors go to Utilities > Scheduler.


Calendar Background Cells

The Calendar Background cells will display color coding based on what is set in your Scheduler Settings and Scheduling Availability

  • Light-Blue: Non-Work Hours.


  • White: Work Hours.

  • Red: Unavailable Time Slot.

  • Green: Available Time Slot.

  • Red with diagonal hashing lines: Unavailable time slot that overlaps with non-work hours.

  • Green with diagonal hashing lines: Available time slot that overlaps with non-work hours.

Distinguishing Between Different Scheduled Event Types Using Colors

ClinicTracker also provides color coding for your Schedule Event Types. Users with Full Program Access to Maintenance can go to Utilities > Maintenance > Schedule Event Type Input.

  • Click the Color button with the down arrow.
  • Select a color for the Scheduled Event Type.
  • Save.

Identify Linked Appointment Status Using Colors

Users with Full Program Access to Maintenance can override the color coding based on the appointment status. This color will be displayed on the Scheduler (in place of the Event Type color) and within the Billing Info panel header on Patient Contacts

Set the Schedule Color Linked Appointment Status

  • You can configure this color by going to Utilities > Maintenance > Appointment Status.
  • Click the Color button with the down arrow.
  • Select a color for the Appointment Status.
  • Save.

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