Entering Your Schedule Event Types

Save a list of Schedule Event Types

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Schedule Event Type Input

About the Schedule Event Type Input Form

When implementing ClinicTracker, one of the tasks you will be assigned, is to enter your Schedule Event Types. Schedule Event Types are a helpful way to classify the events on your schedule. This can be useful for reporting, and scheduling.

Functions That Leverage Schedule Event Type

  • Scheduling
  • Patient Portal
  • Telehealth
  • Demographics

Creating a Schedule Event Type

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Schedule Event Type Input.
  • Enter the Event Type.

  • Consider if you want the following settings turned on or off for the Event Type:

    • Duplicate Assignment Check will present a warning if a patient is scheduled for this event type more than once.

    • Suppress Reminders will prevent Appointment Reminders for this Event Type.

    • Video Conference will make Telehealth sessions  Optional or Required for this Event Type.

    • Set as Default will apply this Event Type to events and appointments automatically.

    • Suppress in Portal will prevent Patients from seeing this Event Type on the Patient Portal.

    • Required Duration allows you to set the default length (in minutes) of appointments for this Event Type.

    • Color allows you to set this Event Type to appear in a specific color on the Scheduler.

  • Save.


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