Entering Staff Scheduling Event Defaults

Set up event defaults specific to your staff to save time by automatically inserting event details on scheduled events and appointments.

About Entering Staff Scheduling Event Defaults

Setting up Staff-Specific Event Defaults will ultimately help in making employees' scheduling tasks more simple. Setting up these Staff Specific Event Defaults will eliminate the need to manually key up to 12 critical fields by automatically inserting the data directly into Scheduled Events and Patient Contact Records

Functions That Interact With Staff/Event Defaults

  • Scheduler
  • Event Details
  • Event Types
  • Patient Contact Records
  • Patient Groups
  • Program
  • Services
  • Location
  • Treatment Type

Entering Staff-Specific Event Defaults for Your Clinic

  • Users with permission to edit Staff Info records can go to:
    •  Staff > Staff Info > Admin > Additional Options tab > Automations > Event/Appointment Defaults button
    • or go to ClinicTracker Main Screen > Profile > Event/Appointment Defaults.


  • In the Event/Appointment Defaults Inputs section, select:
    • The Clinician
    • Applicable Patient Groups
    • Applicable Age Categories (Child/Adult) 

  • In the Event/Appointment Defaults Output section, fill out:
    • Event Type
    • Event Duration (In Minutes)
    • Program
    • Service
    • Supervisor
    • Location
    • Treatment Type
    • Associated DSM Codes
    • Default Scheduling Note
  • Save.
Tip:  If you would like to have appointment information required for an Event Type, check the "Require Appointment Information When Scheduling" box, and click Save.
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