Entering Your Staff Assignment Types

Use this form to add or remove Staff Assignment Types for Staff Assignment (Caseload) tracking. 

About Staff Assignment Type Input

This Maintenance Menu item will populate the Assignment Type dropdown in the Staff Assignments form. Some examples of Staff Assignments are Intake Clinician, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Supervisor, and so forth. 

Adding Staff Assignment Types

Users with Full Program Access to the Maintenance menu can go to:

Utilities > Maintenance > Staff Assignment Type or go to Staff > Staff Info > Additional Options Tab > Automatic Staff Assignment Gear Icon

  • Type the Staff Type in the Staff Assignment Type text box.
  • Users have the ability to Enable and Disable Staff Assignment Types if needed. Simply click the radio button before saving.
  • Save.
Note: Click the Supervisor Role checkbox before you save if you would like to display the Assignment Type on the Supervisor Dashboard Widget.
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