Using Staff Info: Automatic Staff Assignments

Add a patient to a Staff caseload simply by completing a Patient Contact Record. 

About Configuring Automatic Staff Assignments 

Clinics often look for efficient ways to track their employees' Staff Assignments. One way to help save time is by setting up Automatic Staff Assignments. With an Automatic Staff Assignment, you no longer need to assign staff manually to each patient's demographic record. Instead, when a patient has an appointment with a staff member, the patient is automatically added to their caseload (assigned). Eliminate the need to manually type up to 10 critical fields by automatically inserting the data directly into Staff Assignments. 

Functions That Interact With Automatic Staff Assignments

  • Staff Assignments
  • Patient Contact Records
  • Patient Demographics
  • Program
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Staff Assignment Type Input
Note: Required fields are marked in Red.

Adding Automatic Staff Assignments For Your Clinic

  • Users with permission to edit Staff Info records and Admin users can go to Staff > Staff Info > Additional Options tab > Automations > Automatic Staff Assignments or Admin Config > Automatic Staff Assignments
  • In the Automatic Staff Assignment Inputs section, complete the following fields:
    • Clinician
    • Applicable Program
    • Rule Start Date
    • Rule End Date
  • In the Automatic Staff Assignment Output section, select and fill out:

Optional Fields

  • Supervisor: This dropdown will display members of the supervising staff.

  • Supervisor Assignment: This dropdown will display assignment titles entered in the Staff Assignment Type Input.

  • Expected Hours: Add the expected amount of weekly hours to be spent on the assignment.
  • Assignment Notes: Type any notes about the assignment if needed. 
  • Auto-Create Program Assignment: Checking this will automatically assign a patient to this Program when creating a Patient Contact Record when no active Program Assignment exists.
  • Click Save when all required information has been filled out. 
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