ClinicTracker Conventions and Quick Reference Guide 

Use this guide to learn Clinictracker shortcuts and conventions for Windows and Mac users.

About the Quick Reference Guide

ClinicTracker > Help > ClinicTracker Quick Reference

This guide is available within ClinicTracker and has (by tab) key combinations, ClinicTracker conventions, and operation system shortcuts.

You have the ability to select your operating system and determine if you'd like the guide to show at startup.


Using Icons, File Menu, and Key Combinations

We offer many different ways to navigate through ClinicTracker. To perform the same function, often you will have a choice between using an icon, a file menu, or a key combination. One example is the Search function. You can search for a patient by clicking the binoculars icon, selecting File > Find, or pressing Ctrl+F. Similarly, to Save, you can click the disk icon, select File > Save, or press Ctrl+S

ClinicTracker Conventions

  • Bold Red Label: a required field has not been completed
  • Bold Black Label: a required field has been completed
  • Navigation: hold the Control key when using the Navigation menu to keep the current form open
  • Concurrent Access When accessing a record, look in the top title bar to see who is viewing or editing the same record
  • Repeating Lists In addition to icons, you can use keyboard keys: (+) to add an entry, (-) or (Delete) to remove, (Enter) to select
  • Button with Underline access button by pressing ctrl and the underlined letter (for example, Control + S for Save)
  • Form Builder Hold Control and left-click the checkbox on controls to select multiple items and edit common properties in bulk
  • Report Builder Select multiple fields and press Control + Shift + Directional-Arrow to align (for example, Control+Shift+Up to align tops)

Clinic Tracker Key Combinations (Windows)

  • Display Common Phrases: use F2 in a textbox
  • Quick-Access Tag Substitution: use Shift F2 in a textbox
  • List Search: use F2 in a dropdown
  • Text Templates: use Shift + Escape in a textbox
  • Search Within Record: feature
  • Text Box Expansion and Zoom: use F4 in a text box to open an expanded text window. In the lower right of the window, you will be able to change the font size.
  • Show/Hide Quick Info Pane: use F12 in documentation.
  • Find Patient: use Control + F in documentation.

Windows Keyboard

Mac Keyboard

Note for Mac Users: Follow the instructions above and use Function Key with the F2 and F12 keys.
* NOTE: Some compact keyboards save space by using dual-purpose keys across the top. If you see one key labeled for two functions (for example, F2 and Volume Down), you may need to press the Fn key with the F2 key to access the F2 feature.

Windows Key Combinations

  • Highlight All: use Control + A  
  • Copy Selected Text: use Control + C
  • Paste: use Control + V
  • Cut Selected Text: use Control + X 
  • Undo the Last Action: use Control + Z
  • Redo the Last Action: use Control  + Y
  • Select All: use Shift + Left Mouse 
  • Select Multiple: use Control + Left Mouse 
For More Infomation on Conventions and Key Combinations:

Common Phrases

Text Templates 

Quick Info Pane