Using Common Phrases

Complete routine paperwork quickly!

About Common Phrases

The Common Phrases feature allows you to save time when entering documentation by allowing you to create, store, and reuse your commonly used phrases. You may save personal common phrases and administrators may set Global Common Phrases for the organization. 

Adding Common Phrases to a List

  • Place your cursor in any text box
  • Press F2
  • Type the phrase you'd like to add
  • Type a tag
  • Type a Quick-Access tag
  • Select to add to a Personal or Global List
  • Click the Add to List button

Inserting an Existing Common Phrase

  • Place your cursor in any text box
  • Press F2
  • Begin to type a phrase or tag
  • Select the phrase want to insert in the textbox
  • Click the Select button

Inserting an Existing Common Phrase Using a Quick-Access Tag

  • Place your cursor in any text box
  • Type the Quick Access Tag
  • Press Shift + F2

For More Information on Common Phrases:

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