Getting Started With Text Templates

Allow your users to complete complex forms with just a few clicks by storing templates for text fields.

About Text Templates

As an Administrator, you can write and store unique blocks of text for each text box in ClinicTracker.  This will allow you to provide your users with a simple way to fill in detailed information by simply checking a box. 

For example: if you have a text box for Presenting Problems, you might create a list of Text Templates

Example Text Templates for a Presenting Problems text box:

  • Anxiety - Mild: Patient presents today with mild anxiety symptoms that are causing distress.

  • Anxiety - Severe: Patient presents today with severe anxeity symptoms that are impacting several daily activities.

Adding Text Templates

  • An Administrator can configure Text Templates for a specific text box.
  • Put your cursor in the text box and press Shift + Esc, then press Configure.
  • In the Text Template Configuration box, enter a title for your template in the Display Name field and use the Text Template field to enter the text that you want to be stored for future use.
Next Steps: Users can access the templates you've built for each text box by putting their cursor in the text box, pressing Shift + ESC, then checking off the item or items they want to include.
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