Claim Note Configuration

The Claim Note Configuration form stores important information for later use in claim creation.

About Claim Note Configuration 

This page will provide details on how to configure a note that will display in the NTE segment of loop 2400 for a location/payor combination. 

Functions That Interact With Claim Note Configuration

  • Claims
  • Note Types
  • NTE Loop 2400
  • Place of Service
  • Insurer Plans
Note: Use the cog wheel icon to manage Place of Service and Insurer items if needed. 

Adding Claim Note Configuration

Users with Full BillingTracker Access can go to BillingTracker > File > Setup > Claim Note Configuration and select:

  • Place of Service
  • Insurer
  • NTE01

Enter the claim note that you want to show in your electronic claim file in the NTE02 field.


Note: To see if a user has Full BillingTracker Access go to Staff > Staff Info > System Permissions > Billing Tracker Permissions > Billing Tracker Access and check if it says Full.

Note: To delete Claim Notes, double-click the entry and click the Delete button.

The value that you set for NTE01 and any label that you enter in NTE02 will show up in the claim file like the example below.


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