Entering Your Buildings (Required)

Save details about the locations where you provide services.

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Building/Billing Location Input

About the Building/Billing Location Input Form

Entering your building information is one of the first steps of your ClinicTracker implementation.

Inputting this information early saves you time by sending key information to other parts of the system.

Functions that Leverage Building/Billing Location Input

  • Staff Office Building dropdown  (Staff Info Form)
  • Staff Access by Place of Service dropdown (Staff Info Form)
  • Patient Primary Place of Service dropdown (Demographics)
  • Appointment Place of Service dropdown (Patient Contact Record)
  • Main Building for Billing
  • Default Building for Patient Primary Place of Service
  • Location-specific remit language for patient statements
  • Location-specific language to be used in Appointment Reminders

Setting Staff Access with the Building Permissions Menu

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Building Input > Building Permissions and select the appropriate option:
    • Manage Staff Access 
    • Grant All Staff Access 
    • Revoke All Staff Access
Best Practice: Create at least one building location. Enter the name in the Building Description field, enter the location details and select the Save icon at the top of the page.

Creating a Building

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Building Input.
  • Enter the Building  Name. This will help distinguish your various facilities from one another.

Note: If you are using a Location Override, such as Telehealth, please enter a separate building, in this case, named Telehealth.
  • Enter these fields, or consider if you want the following settings turned on or off.

    • Business/Billing Tab complete the fields below for your building.

      • Address

      • State

      • Zip  should be a 9 digit zip, for billing purposes.

      • City

      • Phone

      • PCN

      • NPI MH of the facility, for mental health.

      • NPI CD of the facility, for chemical dependency.

      • Corporation Name

      • Type of Location

      • Taxonomy Code associated with your NPI.

      • Main Building for Billing select this for your Main, or only building.

      • Default Building

    • Service Location Tab

      • Address

      • State

      • Zip

      • City

      • Tax ID
      • Assigned ID
      • Corporation Name

      • Type of Location

      • Credit Card TC ID

      • Load From Business/Billing Tab

    • Remit Location Tab

      • Remit to Details  enter the business name and address patients should send payments to.

    • Reminders Tab

      • Location Specific Reminder Information will include details such as "in our Main Street office" in Appointment Reminders.