Entering Your Services (Required)

Save a list of the Services you'll be offering at your clinic.

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Service Input.

About the Service Input Form

You'll want ClinicTracker to recognize each of the Services you offer and understand how you'd like each Service to be treated. As you get started, you will set up each Service in the Service Input Form, and then, during your BillingTracker Implementation, you will check that certain fields are entered correctly to ensure that your billing is accurate.

Functions That Leverage Insurance Input

  • BillingTracker
  • Appointments

Adding a Service

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Service Input.
  • Enter the Service Name.

  • Enter these fields, or consider if you want the following settings turned on or off.

    • Mental Health/Chemical Dependency Select the Module in which the service should be available.
    • CPT Code
    • Group Service Code
    • Internal Code (Optional) Can be used if you have a preferred or alternate code to represent the CPT code.
    • Revenue Code can be used if you track services with revenue codes.
    • Type of Service 
    • Place of Service 
    • Min/Max Time Min can be used to display a notification when saving appointments outside a certain length of time.
    • Description on eClaims can be used if you want the Description to appear on eclaims with non-specific or NOC service codes.(i.e. G9012).
    • Bill Patient Directly 
    • Require Vitals 
    • Hide in Scheduler 
    • Gains-SS can be used if you want to send GAINS-SS information on claims?)
    • NDC Information
    • Enabled/Disabled allows you to turn the Service on or off.
    • Don't Require Progress Note can be used if you want this Service to be exempt from the Progress Note Requirement.
    • Billing Interval can be used when the Service is to billed in a fraction of an hour, such as .25 for a 15 minute interval.
    • Rounding Rule determines how is remaining time outside of the Billing Interval handled.
    • Video Conference can be used to set Telehealth sessions asto b Optional or Required for this Event Type.

    • Group Service Which copay applies to the service and which services are excluded from the Direct/Indirect Time by Family report.
    • CLIA can be used if you'd like a value to populate REF*X4 in loop 2300 of electronic claims files, as well as box 23 (Prior Authorization) of the CMS-1500.
    • Pricing Information lets you set the Standard/Default Price for this Service and set the dates, between which a price is valid. You may list different prices, valid between different dates.