Using My Schedule Widget

Use the My Schedule Widget for tracking and reporting your scheduled events.

About My Schedule Widget

My Schedule Widget in ClinicTracker will provide an easy way for you to view your scheduled events. Use this widget to customize the view of your schedule for the day, week, month, or any timeframe you wish. You can also use this widget to view a report of your scheduled events.

Using My Schedule Widget

  • Go to ClinicTracker Main Screen > My Schedule to use the My Schedule Widget.
  • Use the date picker to customize your view by selecting the date or date range of the Scheduled Events you wish to view.

  • Select the refresh icon to refresh the My Schedule page and update the most recent activity.

Selecting Favorite View

  • By default, when you are first using ClinictTracker, the Choose Favorite View dropdown will say to Configure in Scheduler

  • To set a Favorite View, go to Utilities > Scheduler and select the resources you would like to add from the Resource Display.
  • Click the Calendar menu on the top left of the screen.

  • The Scheduler Favorite Views form will load.
  • Enter the View Name.
  • The View Type will reflect the Calendar Day Views selected on the top left of the Scheduler (Day, Work Week, or Week View).
  • Resources will reflect the items selected from the Resource Display of the Scheduler.
  • Time Increment and Column Width will reflect what is configured in Scheduler Settings.
  • When you are satisfied with the criteria for your Favorite View, click Save or click Apply to go to the Scheduler with that Favorite View

  • You can set multiple Favorite Views by repeating these steps.

  • Once you have configured your Favorite Views, you can select the views you created from the Choose Favorite View dropdown.

  •  On the My Schedule Widget, adjust the date range to your liking and click the Refresh  button to display your view. 

Using Scheduler Face Sheet

  • The Scheduler Face Sheet is a report that displays all of your appointment information and is grouped by the day of the week. When running this report from the My Schedule Widget, will only show your appointment information. The Scheduler Face Sheet can also be used to show other staff members' appointment information by going to Utilities > Scheduler > File > Scheduler Face Sheet.
  • To use the Scheduler Face Sheet from the My Schedule Widget go to ClinicTracker Main Screen > My Schedule. 
  • Click the Scheduler Face Sheet button
  • Select Yes or No to enter the parameter values for double-sided printing output. 
  • The Scheduler Face Sheet will display your scheduled appointments with the information fields below:
    • Date
    • Appointment Time
    • Description
    • Patient
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Payor
    • Service
    • Linked Appointment (Yes/No)
    • Event Type
    • Total Time for Day

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