Preventing Automatic Reminders

Learn how to avoid having reminders automatically created for scheduled events.

About Preventing Automatic Reminders 

Reminders will be automatically scheduled to be sent based on the number of days prior to an appointment to send a reminder.

The setting is  Days Ahead to Send in the Appointment Reminder Call Configuration located in Admin Config > Admin: Administrative Settings > Appointment Reminders. However, there are ways to prevent these automated reminders.

Mark Appointment Reminder Status Canceled for an Event

To mark an Appointment Reminder Status as Canceled for an Event go to Utilities > Scheduler.

  • Right-click on a specific Scheduler event.
  • Click Mark Reminder Status As
  • Click Canceled.
  • As long as it is before the Reminder Call window, making this change will ensure the automated reminder is not placed.


Suppress Reminders by Specific Patient

To Suppress Reminders by specific Patients, go to Utilities > Scheduler.

  • Click the Patient radio button in the Resource Display of the Scheduler. 
  • Right-click on the patient's name. 
  • Click Toggle "No-Call" Setting.

Suppress Reminders by Patient Group

 To Suppress Reminders by Patient Group, go to Utilities > Maintenance > Patient Group Input.

  • Double-click an existing event from the list or type in a new Patient Group.
  • Check the Suppress Reminders checkbox.
  • Save.

Suppress Reminders By Schedule Event Type

 To Suppress Reminders by Schedule Event Type, go to  Utilities > Maintenance > Schedule Event Type Input.

  • Double-click an existing event from the list or type in a new Schedule Event Type.
  • Check the Suppress Reminders checkbox.
  • Save.

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