Using Lab Integration

Send lab orders and receive lab results from your preferred lab without leaving ClinicTracker.

About Lab Integration

Save time and ensure accuracy by integrating your lab orders with ClinicTracker. Check out the list of connected labs to see if your lab is already in our network (out-of-network labs may be connected to the growing network of Change Healthcare upon request).

Sending Lab Orders 

Medical > Lab/Radiology Order Entry 

  • Enter the lab order details
  • Click Save
  • You will be presented with a message asking if you would like to send the current record to the lab. Click Yes to send the record.
  • If you choose No, you can send the order to the lab at any other time by clicking the Send To Lab button
  • Once you choose to send the lab order, a separate web browser will open showing your order
  • Select the number of labels you would like to print
  • Select 'Print' or 'Print & Send' the order
  • You will be able to see the details of the new order at the bottom of the Lab Order Entry Form

Receiving Lab Orders

Medical > Lab/Radiology Order Entry

When the lab returns the order, the system will automatically download the results and attach it to the order (if the lab test was not generated through ClinicTracker, please see "Associating Results from Orders Sent Manually"). The system will also send a notification to the ordering staff through the ClinicTracker Message Board as well as any other staff configured to receive these notifications.

Associating Results for Orders Sent Manually

Medical > Lab/Radiology Order Search  

If you have an order that someone generated outside of ClinicTracker, the system will not be able to automatically attach the results to that patient's record. However, it is very simple to associate those results manually. 

  • Click on the lab results you want to associate with a patient
  • Select the patient
  • Click Accept when you are finished
  • The lab results will now be associated with this patient

Downloading Results Manually

Medical > Lab/Radiology Order Entry > File > Download Pending Lab Results

The results of your orders will be downloaded automatically throughout the day. However, you will be able to manually download results at any time.

Checking for Order Status Update Manually

Medical > Lab/Radiology Order Entry > File > Check for Order Status Update

The status of your orders will update automatically throughout the day. However, you will be able to manually update the status at any time.

Generating a Daily Manifest

Medical > Lab Order Entry > File > Generate Manifest Order

You can run this report at the end of the day to provide the driver with a list of all the specimens they will be picking up.

  • You will select the appropriate criteria from the drop-down boxes and click Search
  • You can now print all the orders or select specific orders to print
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