Using Carequality Connector

Carequality Connector will allow you to automatically respond to incoming requests for information from nearby agencies.

About Carequality Connector

You may share information about patients you’ve seen, and request information from nearby participating organizations. Participating organizations may share the following details: current medications, known allergies, prior conditions, and clinical notes.

Responding to Requests

Carequality Connector will automatically respond to incoming requests for information based on the clinic-level and patient-level permissions. 

Requesting Patient Information from Carequality Connector

  • Go to Patients > Carequality Patient Query.
  • On the Organization tab, select a Purpose of Use type (ie: treatment). 
  • Organization Query tab: From the Organization Query tab, select the organization(s) you wish to request information from. You may search for organizations by using a combination of name, address, city, state, and zip and selecting the Search button. Select from the results to choose the organization(s) to request information from. Use the Next button to move to the Patient Query Tab.

  • Patient Query tab: From the Patient Query tab, enter the personal details of the patient whose information you are looking for.  You must include First and Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender, but may also include SSN, Telephone, Street Address, City, State, and Zip to help narrow your search. Select the Search button. The results will list the patient, address, identifier, confidence score, gender, DOB, status, and if the patient is deceased. Select from the results to choose the patient whose information you would like to request.

  • No Results: If no results are found, it may be that the patient doesn't exist at the organizations you've requested from, or the patient is not opted-in to the exchange.

  • Downloading Results: You may download available documents to view them or save them as Related Documents. This will happen in real-time after you enter the patient information.

Tracking Requests

To see the requests that have been sent and received, go to Patients > Carequality Patient Query > Access Logs.

More About Carequality Connector

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