Getting Started With Insurance Verification

See if your patients are eligible for the services you have scheduled, automatically, or with the click of a button.

About Insurance Verification

Check insurance eligibility automatically with our integrated Insurance Verification. Checks can be run on-demand, or automatically, based on your upcoming scheduled events.

Adding Insurance Verification

To enable Insurance Verification for your clinic please use the Support Tab.  If you are using Trizetto as your clearinghouse, we will load in your existing account credentials. If you are interested in signing up for Trizetto, we can also assist with that process.

Next Steps: Once the ClinicTracker Team has enabled Insurance Verification, an Administrator from your clinic can go to Admin Config > Options > Admin > Administrative Settings > Eligibility Verification to easily configure the service based on your preference, such as the number of days prior to an appointment to perform the verification.

Setting Up The Insurance Verification Feature

Set your default Options:

  • Go to Admin Config > Options > Eligibility Verification > Confugruation button

  • How many days ahead of appointments do you want to automatically run the verifications?

  • How many days would you like to maintain the verification history?

  • Do you want to verify only the Payor listed on the scheduled event or all payors listed on the patient’s demographic?

  • For which Service codes do you want to have verification?

Set Option to automatically open Insurance Eligibility Verification when saving new Patient Demographics

  • Go to Admin Config > Options > Preferences > Demographic Form Settings > Automatically Open Insurance Eligibility Verification.
  • Select Always, Never or Prompt.
  • Select Always if you would like to verify patient insurance when you save a new patient demographic's form.

Set Option to open Insurance Eligibility Verification form to History Tab

  • Go to Admin Config > Options > Preferences > Demographic Form Settings > Automatically Review History for Insurance Eligibility Verification.
  • Check the box if you would like to see the History Tab when opening the Insurance Eligibility Verification Form.

Set the Insurers you want to enable for Verification

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Insurer Input > Insurance Eligibility button.

  • Select the Insurer that you want to enable for Verification.
  • Check the Enable Verification box.

  • Save.

Using Insurance Verification

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