Unified Messaging (My Messages Widget, Messaging Board)

Unified Messaging brings together Patient Portal messages, Compliance Alerts, and Signature Requests into My Messaging Widget and the Messaging Board.

About My Messages Widget

On the main screen of ClinicTracker, you’ll find that one of the four quadrants is the My Messages Widget. From this Widget, you may read messages, identify unread messages, create a new message, reply, forward, delete, mark as read, preview, and more. On the Widget, you will see radio buttons that allow you to toggle between the various message types. Depending on your clinic and personal settings, you may not have access to every folder. Radio button labels will appear in red if there are unread messages. They will appear in black if all messages have been read. You can also click on the words My Messages to see your full Messaging Board.

About the Messaging Board

The Messaging Board has three different panes. The first pane lists all of the messages and organizes them into folders for you. The middle pane lists all of your messages. The last pane shows the contents of a single message. The toolbar on the Messaging Board will allow you to: Compose, Reply, Print/Print Preview, Delete, Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Refresh, Synch with ePrescribe messages, Access ePrescribe messages, and Access ePrescribe Reports.

Message Types Unified in the Messages Widget and the Messaging Board

  • Msg / Messages Contains messages sent to you from others.

  • Rem / Reminders Contains reminders you have set up for yourself.

  • CA / Compliance Alerts Contains alerts from the compliance system. Alerts will be red when they are overdue

  • SR / Signature Requests Contain requests for your signature on patient or staff paperwork

  • eRX / ePrescribing Notifications Contains notifications regarding refill requests, required signatures, and incomplete prescriptions.

  • SN / Scheduler Notifications Contain a notice that an event has been scheduled for you or that an event has been edited. These notifications may be turned on or off for your clinic by going to Admin Config > Options > Notify Linked Staff on Scheduled Event Creation and on Scheduled Event Edit.

  • PP/ Patient Portal Messages Contains messages sent to you from the Patient Portal

  • LR / Lab Requests Contains requests 

  • CC / Cloud Communications Contains secure communications for those with the feature.

Message types Found only in the Messaging Board

  • Sent Contains messages that you have sent. 

  • Drafts Contain messages that are in draft form.

  • Deleted Contains messages that have been deleted.    

Reading Your Messages

You may read your messages from the My Messages Widget or from the Messages Board by clicking on the individual message.

Using the Read/Unread Status

A closed envelope image represents new, unread messages. Read an open envelope image that represents messages.

Besides opening a message, you may also click to toggle from Read to Unread and vice versa.

Creating a Message from My Messages or Messages Board

  • Click the arrow next to the Envelope icon, and select the type of message you’d like to send.

  • Select the recipient of the message by clicking on Select User or Select Personal or Global Distribution list.

  • You may also cc or bcc staff members.

  • You may change the font, font style, font color add bullets and link to the web, a file or to a ClinicTracker form.

  • Click the Send icon on the top left of the form when ready to send.

Auto-Reply for Staff and Client Messages

On the top right of the Messages Board, you will see links for Staff Auto Reply and Client Auto Reply. This will allow you to set a different reply for your clients than for your co-coworkers. If Staff or Client Auto Reply is off, the link will be yellow. If they are on, the link will be red.

Turning Auto Reply On: 

  • Click one of the yellow links.

  • Check Enable Auto Reply box.

  • Enter the text you’d like to send.

  • Save

Turning Auto Reply Off:

  • Click one of the red links.

  • Uncheck Enable Auto Reply box. 

  • Save.

Creating a Personal or Global Distribution List:

A personal distribution list allows you to save a list of contacts that you often message together and is only available for your own use. A Global Distribution list may be used by anyone in your clinic.

  • Start a new message.

  • Click on To.

  • Select Manage Personal Distribution List or Manage Global Distribution List.

  • Enter the Name of your Distribution List.

  • Click on the green + sign. 

  • Select Staff members until the list is complete.

  • Save

Creating Folders on the Messaging Board

add additional sub-folders by right-clicking on a message and choosing Add New Label. This will create a new label (similar to a folder) and associate the message with that label. You would then see a new item underneath the Messages option with the label you created and the message you were viewing.

Creating and Updating Agency Announcements from the Messaging Board (Administrators Only)

Administrators may post general messages for staff which will appear on the top right-hand side of ClinicTracker. The System Notification can be customized to include messages that all users will see. 

To set up the System Notification, an administrative user can:

  • Go to the Messaging Board by Clicking on My Messaging Widget.

  • Click on Agency Announcement.

  • Right-click on the existing announcement or in the middle pane.

  • Select Create, Edit or Delete Announcement.

  • Make your changes.

  • Click OK.



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