Start Sharing Open Notes With Patients

Comply with the Cures Act and share Progress Notes with your patients via the Patient Portal.

About the Open Notes Initiative

The Cures Act requires that patients have access to their medical records at no charge. In ClinicTracker, you may opt to share Custom Form Progress Notes (excluding the Psychotherapy Notes tab) with your patients via the Patient Portal.

Adding the Open Notes Feature 

Go to Admin Config > Options >  Open Notes and check the box to share all Custom Form Progress Notes with patients by default.

Excluding Specific Notes

When creating a Custom Form Progress Note, uncheck the “Open Notes” box at the top of the note and the note will not be visible to the patient on the Patient Portal.

Directing Patients to View Open Notes

Patients may view Open Notes by going to Patient Portal > Clinical Info > Kept Encounters > Encounter Details (calendar icon) > View Progress Note (green button).


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