Start Auto-Linking Appointments

Save a step in your workflow, by automatically creating linked appointments ahead of a scheduled event.

About Auto-Linking Appointments

Save time by automatically creating Linked Appointments from Scheduled Events. There are two steps to follow, enabling the Option for your clinic, then setting the specific Service that you would like to set to auto-link appointments for.

Adding Auto-Linking Appointments for Your Clinic

Once you enable this feature you will enter a value for "Automatically create linked appointments from scheduled events this many days ahead". That value will determine how far ahead ClinicTracker will search for events to create.

  • An Administrator can go to Admin Config > Option > Admin > Scheduling > Automatically create Linked Appointments from Scheduled Events
  • Decide how many days before the Event you want the Linked Appointment to be automatically created.

An administrative user can also run this feature manually by going to Mu Schedule > File > Create Linked Appointments from Scheduled Events, You will then see a message that reads:
"This process will convert scheduled events within a date range into linked appointments. This will automatically occur twice a day for events within 0 days. Would you like initiate this process manually now? Yes or No."

Auto-Link Appointments for Specific Services

  • An Administrator can go to Utilities > Service Inputs and select the Auto-Link Appointments box.
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