Portal User Sign Up


  • Set Default Access Levels for Portal Users: Select the tabs that Portal Users should have access to by default (this can be adjusted per-user). Note: This affects only new Patient Portal accounts (existing account access levels will remain unchanged). The available options are: -1 = All 0 = None 1 = Demographics 2 = Form Requests 3 = Clinical Info 4 = Schedule 5 = Financial Account 6 = Educational Resources 7 = Medical File 8 = Messages For example, if patients should have access to Demographics and Schedule, enter: 1,4 Enter -1 to grant access to all modules by default.
  • Display a Custom Note When Portal Users Sign Up: Enter text to be shown to Portal Users when they sign up for a Portal Account
  • Prevent New Portal Users Sign Up on the Login Page: Check this box to display only a login for existing Portal Users, and hide the link to the sign up page. Sign ups are still allowed, but will require the direct link to the sign up page.