Getting Started With Direct Secure Messaging and Secure eFax (Cloud Communications Package)

The Cloud Communications Package allows you to use ClinicTracker Messaging System to send and receive secure fax and Direct secure messages to outside providers.

Could you Benefit from Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Electronic Fax?

  • Do you need to communicate Protected Health Information securely with outside agencies?
  • Do you send or receive referrals with Protected Health Information by email or paper fax?
  • Do the agencies you work with use Direct secure messaging?
  • Are you concerned about maintaining HIPAA compliance?

Sharing Patient Health Information Securely

Direct secure messaging and Secure eFax will provide you with the necessary encryption to send message file attachments and C-CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) records securely from ClinicTracker to outside providers. Also, if your clinic uses the ClinicTracker Patient Portal along with Cloud Communications, your patients will be able to forward their medical records to outside providers in C-CDA format. Communicating with referral partners that don't yet use Direct secure messaging? The exact same system will allow you to send and receive electronic fax messages as well.


  • Meaningful use compliance
  • Send patient information over a trusted HIPAA-compliant network
  • Communicate with your entire network
  • Receive documents directly in ClinicTracker
  • Have a single place to receive all fax and external communication

About Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging is a nationally recognized technical standard for securely exchanging health information between healthcare entities in a trusted network.  Direct functions like a regular e-mail with additional security measures to ensure that messages are only accessible to the intended recipient, per the protection regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). To use Direct secure messaging, providers need a Direct address.

About Secure Electronic Fax

Secure Electronic Fax makes sending, receiving, and storing data simple and safe and eliminates the need for paper faxes in your office. Your inbound faxes, will come directly to your message board in ClinicTracker and documents can be easily attached to your client's record. You will be able to send a secure message to a fax number if the organization you are working with does not have a Direct secure address. 

Adding Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Electronic Fax

To add Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Electronic Fax or to learn more, please use the Support Tab. We would want to know which of your locations should have Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Electronic Fax. For each location that will be using Secure Electronic Fax, please tell us if you'd like a new Fax number or if you'd like to port fax numbers from your phone company.

Next Steps: In response to your request, our team will turn on your service and provide instructions for configuring Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Electronic Fax.
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