Getting Started With ClinicTracker Mobile

Provide outreach and field staff the ability to view patient history, write progress notes, and collect signatures from their cell phones, even in areas without service.

About ClinicTracker Mobile

If you have staff in the field, you will appreciate this feature. Whether your employees are conducting home care visits or tracking client transportation, they will have access to a simple format to complete work, enter notes, and collect signatures from any device. Even if you are in a no-service area, you can still record your information offline and then sync it back to ClinicTracker when you return to a service area.

Adding ClinicTracker Mobile

To add ClinicTracker Mobile or to request a demonstration, please use the blue Support Tab. Please include the first name, last name, and email address for the users you are registering and the patient groups that mobile users should have access to.


  • Access anytime, anywhere

  • Record data, even when offline

Next Steps: After our team has set up the feature, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading the mobile app and setting a password.
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