Entering Your Staff Info Records (Required)

One of the steps of your implementation is to create a Staff Info Record for each Staff Member.

Form Location: Staff > Staff Info

About the Staff Info Form

For an in-depth view of the Staff Info form, please visit Exploring the Staff Info Form.

Creating a Staff Record

  • Go to Staff > Staff Info.
  • Enter Complete the Basic Details Tab.
  • Save.

Creating a Staff Record Using Existing Staff Permissions

  • Go to Staff > Staff Info > File > Copy From Other User.
  • Update Name, Contact Name, Username, and any other user-specific details.
  • Save.

Editing a Staff Record

  • Go to Staff > Staff Info.
  • Click Find and select the staff member to edit. 
  • Make the appropriate changes.
  • Save.

Understanding Staff Info Access By Role

  • Administrators have full access.
  • Staff members have access to update their own demographic information (name, phone number, etc.)
  • Staff members can view another staff member’s demographic information.

Editing the Available Dropdown Options

Some of the dropdowns you see in the Staff Info Form are controlled by Input Forms in the Maintenance Menu.

  • Place of Service (Utilities > Maintenance > Place of Service Input) 
  • Building (Utilities > Maintenance > Building Input) 
  • Room (Utilities > Maintenance > Room Input) 
  • Credentials (Utilities > Maintenance > Credentials Input) 

Setting a Password

  • Passwords are used to log in, electronically sign documents, edit or unlock a locked record.
  • Go to Go to Staff > Staff Info > Set Password Button.
  • Enter the old password, then enter and confirm the new password.
  • Click the Change button.
  • If this user does not currently have a password, leave the Old Password textbox blank.
  •  if you leave the password blank, the user will be prompted to set one upon first login.
  • If you set a default password, you have an option to Prompt to Change on Next Login.

Resetting a Password

  • Administrative users can reset passwords.
  • Go to Go to Staff > Staff Info > Set Password Button.
  • Click Reset.
  • Confirm that you would like to reset the password.
  • The password will be displayed and may be provided to the user.

Saving an Electronic Signature 

Use this form to import an electronic signature file. This signature will appear on-screen and on all printed paperwork for records signed by the staff member.

Restricting Records by Patient Group and Place of Service 

  • Turn on the Option Admin Config > Options > Enforce Security Based on Place of Service.
  • Go to Staff > Staff Info > Additional Options > Patient Group and Place of Service.
  • Select the patient groups and buildings that the staff members should access.
  • The information is saved per patient on the Demographics form.
  • Setting both the Patient Group and Place of Service Permissions will serve to restrict access, not expand it.
  • Note: When creating a new patient group, you will need to consider access for the patient group.
 Only Access Assigned Patients. Select this option to block access to patients except those specifically assigned using Staff Assigments.

Recording and Managing Staff Certifications

  • Go to Staff > Staff Info > Additional Options > Staff Certifications.
  • Enter the Description of the Certification.
  • Enter a Valid From and Valid To Date.
  • Select a Date to Recieve a Reminder.
  • Enter Notes.
  • Save.
Expired Certifications: The Staff Certifications button on the Additional Options tab will display in red if any items are at or beyond the expiration or reminder date. Clear this notification by updating the date or by checking the Allow to Lapse option. 
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