Entering Your Programs

Save a list of programs that patients participate in.

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Program Input

About the Program Input Form

When implementing ClinicTracker, you have the opportunity to name specific programs that patients may participate in. For example, a clinic may offer an ADHD program as well as a PTSD Program. A patient may belong to one, both, or none of these programs.

Using Programs to Your Benefit

  • Assigning Patients to a Program Once you have created your programs, you can assign patients to specific programs in Demographics, using the Program Assignments button. Program Assignments can track the date that a program begins, as well as the program discharge reason.

  • Assigning Services to Programs If you offer Services that are specific to a Program, go to Utilities > Maintenance > Program Specific Services. You may select a Program and the associate Services that the Program offers. This will make Events and Appointments easier to schedule, because only the Services appropriate to each Program will be available for selection.

  • Assign Workflows by Program By setting up Programs, you will be able to create Workflows based on the compliance requirements of each Program.

Best Practice: Some clinics require a program assignment by going to Admin Config > Options > Require Program Assignment.

Creating a Program

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Program Input.
  • Enter the Program Name.

  • Consider if you want the following settings turned on or off for the Program:

    • Billable Program will allow Appointments for this Program to Transition to BillingTracker.

    • Master Program will associate this Program with a Master/Primary Program.

  • Save.





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