Entering Your Patient Groups

Save a list of patient groups

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Patient Group Input

About the Patient Group Input Form

When implementing ClinicTracker, one of the tasks you will be assigned, is to enter your patient groups. Patient Groups are a helpful way to separate your patient population. This can be useful for reporting, scheduling and determining which staff members should have records access.

Functions That Leverage Patient Group Input

  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Records Access

Creating a Patient Group

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Patient Group Input.
  • Enter the Patient Group Name.

  • Consider if you want the following settings turned on or off for the Patient Group:

    • Enforce Compliance will apply Workflow Rules to this Patient Group.

    • Enable State Upload will include Patient Group in State Uploads.

    • Require Group ID will require a Group Id on Demographics.

    • Suppress Reminders will prevent Appointment Reminders for this Patient Group.

    • Billable Group determines if the Patient Group transitions to BillingTracker.

    • Default Group will automatically assign this Patient Group on Intake.

  • Save.


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