Entering Your Insurances (Required)

Save your payers in ClinicTracker for the system to reference

Form Location: Utilities > Maintenance > Insurance Input

About the Insurance Input Form

You'll want ClinicTracker to recognize each of your payors and understand how you'd like each payor to be treated. As you get started, you will set up each payor in the Insurance Input Form and during your BillingTracker Implementation, you will check that certain fields are entered correctly to ensure that your billing is accurate.

Functions That Leverage Insurance Input

  • BillingTracker
  • Appointments

Creating an Insurance

  • Go to Utilities > Maintenance > Insurance Input
  • Enter the Insurance Name

  • Enter these fields, or consider if you want the following settings turned on or off.

    • Name
    • Description
    • Payment Type*
    • Address
    • Default Copay 
    • Contact Info
    • Treatment Plan Review due
    • Days Until Requalification
    • Insurance Eligibility Configuration button will be used later, to enter the Trizetto ID for the payors.
    • Authorization Package
    • Master Authorization Packages

Add Payors Quickly Using the Master Insurance List

On the top right of the Insurance Input form, there is a contact card icon for the Master Insurance List. From the Master Insurance List, you can search and select payors to load into your Insurance Input Form.

Selecting a Default Primary Insurer

If many of your patients use the same primary insurer, you may set a default Primary Insurer to automatically populate on the Demographics form when creating new patients. Just right-click on the insurer you want to "Set as Default" from the list of insurers on the bottom of the form. Right-click on that same insurer to "Clear Default."

*A Note About Payment Type: The values assigned in this field will not impact your billing process but rather provide a way to group your insurers by these categories for reporting. Generally, Private requires membership to a group plan, Public is offered by government bodies, and Self refers to patient direct payments. 


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