Entering Your Initial Balances

When transitioning to BillingTracker from another system, you may wish to carry over open patient balances.

About Importing Initial Balances

When you begin using ClinicTracker, you might wish to transfer balances to keep track of what you are currently owed. When you enter an initial balance in BillingTracker, it will create a placeholder claim for that amount in the patient's Billing Account. This will not provide you with the details you would need to resubmit a claim, but you will have the balance available for reporting, and you'll have a balance to post payments toward.

Importing Initial Balances

  • Go to BillingTracker > Setup -> Initial Patient Balance.
  • Select a patient from the Patient Find form.
  • Click Accept
  • Enter the Initial Balance.

  • Check Default to Patient or uncheck to leave the balance unassigned.
  • Save.
  • Repeat for additional patients.

Tip: You can also access this feature by going to ClinicTracker > Patient Contact > Actions
Tip: You can assign unassigned balances by going to BillingTracker > Manage Accounts > Balance Assignment Tab. 
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