Entering Your Fee Schedules

Your Fee Schedule is a list of your charges for the Services you provide.

Entering Your Fee Schedules

Before setting up your Fee Schedules, you’ll want to know the amount that each plan pays for each of the specific services you provide. This will allow you to identify if you are not paid your contracted amount.

  • Go to BillingTracker >Settings > Fee Schedules > Configure Fee Schedules.

Entering Your Reduced Fee Schedules

Some patients may be eligible for a reduced fee.

  • Go to BillingTracker > Settings > Fee Schedules > Configure Reduced Fee Schedules.
Tip: To see if a patient is eligible for a reduced fee schedule go to Demographics > Financial Tab > Reduced Fee box.

Entering Your Holidays

You might want to charge a different amount for your services on a holiday.

  • Go to BillingTracker > Settings > Fee Schedules > Configure Holidays.
  • Select an existing holiday from the list by double-clicking. This populates the upper portion of the form with detailed information about the holiday.

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