Customizing Your Patient Statements

Put your clinic's mark on your patient statements.


You can customize your Patient Statements with a logo in the header, control which fields display. and allow for a payment discount. If you need to transmit your statements via XML to a third party, you can configure this transmission as well.

Adding a Statement Header

  • Go to BillingTracker > File > Setup > Configure Statement.
  • Upload a JPG image (resolution 96dpi, 450 pixels wide and less than 167 pixels high)  
  • Click Update.

Updating Your Statement Header

  • Go to BillingTracker > File > Setup > Configure Statement.
  • Locate the image file you have previously created.
  • Enter a comment (perhaps the current date and a description of the header).
  • Click Update.

Deleting a Statement Header

  • Go to BillingTracker > File > Setup > Configure Statement
  • Locate the image file you have previously created.
  • Click Delete.

Customizing Patient Statement

  • Go to BillingTracker > File > Setup > Configure Statement.
  • Check or uncheck each box as appropriate. 
  • Unless stated, no information will appear on the statement when a box is unchecked.
    • Display Payment Information When checked will display payment information on patient and insurer statements.
    • Only Display Receiver Information When checked, only information relevant to the receiver of the statement will be displayed. For example, if you are sending a Patient Statement, only the charge to the patient will be displayed. If the Display Payment Information box is checked, only patient payments will be displayed (and the corresponding behavior for Insurance Statements). When unchecked, all available information will be displayed.
    • Display Staff Information When checked, will display information relevant to the staff associated with the service.
    • Display Rate Information When checked,will display information relevant to the rate associated with the service.
    • Display Hour Information When checked, will display relevant to the hours associated with the service.
    • Display Responsible Party on Top When checked, the responsible party information will be displayed at the top of the statement. When unchecked, this information will always be included at the end of the statement in the tear-off portion.
    • Display Diagnoses When checked, will display the diagnosis codes associated with the claim.
    • Display Credit Balance When checked, if the payor has a credit balance, it will be shown on the statement along with a calculated account balance, which is the total assigned balance less the credit balance.
    • Display Credit Card Payment Block When checked, the patient statement will print with a block for collecting credit card payment information including card type, card number, and expiration date. If this option is unchecked, this block will not appear on the statement.
    • Display Patient Aging Block When checked, the patient statement will print a section at the end which includes the patient’s aging information.
    • Display Non-Balance-Affecting Adjustments When checked, an explanation of non-balance-affecting adjustments will display on the patient statement.
    • Responsible Party Info Always Use Current  When checked, the system will always use the current responsible party information from the Demographic form, rather than what is stored in the individual claim record. 
    • Display DOB Select this field if you'd like the statement to display the patient's date of birth on the statement.
    • Display Clinician NPI Select this box if you would like to display clinician's NPI next to the clinician's name.
    • Send Rendering Instead of Billing Clinician Check this box to display the rendering clinician instead of the billing clinician information. 
    • Remit To Name & Address The name and address information to display in the tear-off section of Patient and Insurer Statements is configured at ClinicTracker -> Utilities -> Maintenance -> Building/Billing Location Input on the Remit To tab.
    • Export Patient Statements to XML Check this box to display the FTP Utility when submitting patient statements. 
    • Check this box to export patient statements to XML for submission to a clearinghouse service as opposed to generating your own statements to print/mail. 
    • Payment Discount If you offer your patients a discount for paying their bills in full within a set number of days, you can enable this discount feature. Here you can set the number of days as well as the discount percentage.

Sending Statement Email Confirmation Via Patient Portal

Go to CT > Admin Config > Options > Patient Portal > Custom Financial Display > Send Statement Email Confirmation.

Check the box to always send an email to portal users when a new patient statement is available.

Hiding Portal Link On Patient Statements

Go to CT > Admin Config > Options > Patient Portal > Custom Financial Display > Do Not Display Portal Link on Patient Statements