Saving Your Paperwork Header

Use your own letterhead or print your paperwork with your logo on it.

Option Location: Admin Config > Template Header

About Your Paperwork Header

When printing paperwork, you can opt not to use a header, make adjustments to print on your own letterhead or create a header with a logo or other image.

Using No Header

To print paperwork without a header, no action is required.

Using Preprinted Letterhead

If you have paper preprinted with your letterhead, you may need to adjust the template files to start low enough to print below the graphic.

  • Open each file in the Templates folder.
  • Simply place the cursor at the beginning of the document and add new lines before the title with sufficient space for your letterhead.
  • Save and close the document.

Modifying Each Template Individually

If you wish, you can modify the templates directly.

  • Open each file and insert your header into each document.
  • Save and close the file when you are done.

Automatically Print Logos or Images

Most clinics opt to include a header(s) with a logo or other image. If multiple header files are imported, you will be prompted to select a specific file when you print or export a document.

  • Go to Admin Config > Import Template Headers.
  • Upload your image as a .bmp file.
  • Go to  Admin Config > Template Header.
  • Enter a Description.
  • To locate the file path of the header you imported, click on the search icon.
  • Select your image.
  • Save.
  • Repeat steps if you have additional headers to store..
Best Practice: All template files are stored in a Templates subfolder of the main server directory. It is recommended to make a backup copy before making modifications to a template.