Clinical Information Tab

Find the details of past appointments and other important clinical data. 


The Clinical Information Tab gives you an in-depth review of your past appointments and medical information.

On the Clinical Information Tab, you can easily see:
  • Details of Previous Appointments: Date of Service, Statements, Balance

  • Medications: Start Date, Generic Name, Prescriber

  • Allergies: Onset Date, Reaction, Status

  • Diagnoses: Onset Date, Description, Status

  • Lab Results: Results, Test Name, Notes

Tip: On the Clinical Information Tab, you will see a collapsed summary view of the available categories. You will see a badge with the number of records in each category. Click on  Show All to expand the categories and see the detailed records.

Tip: From the detailed view of the Clinical Information Tab, Click on the box next to Hide All to see a summary view.


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