Using Bulk Search and Sign for Custom Forms

Tag signature fields, search for custom forms requiring a signature, and sign them all at once.

About Bulk Search and Sign for Custom Forms

The ability to Tag Forms and Bulk Search Custom Forms can be used together to search for many different field types, so you might have additional use cases for these features. However, the focus of this article is the ability to sign and lock multiple forms at one time.

Tagging Your Form In Form Builder

The first step to using the Bulk Search and Sign utility is to tag the field that you want to be able to search for. In Form Builder, select a field that you would like to tag, and enter the name of your tag. In the example below, we selected the Supervisor Signature field and used Supervisor as the Tag Name. To find the Tag Name field in Form Builder, look on the right-hand side, at the bottom of the Properties tab.

Searching For Patient Forms Using Custom Forms: Bulk Search

To search for forms using a tagged field, go to Utilities > Custom Form: Bulk Search and complete the search fields, including the:

  • Date Range of your search.
  • Tag Name field represents the Tag Name that you set up in Form Builder. In Form Builder, the Tag Name field is available at the bottom of the Properties tab in Form Builder.
  • Field Type that was tagged in Form Builder. In this example, we tagged a Digital Signature Field.  
  • Field Value of Present, Not Present, or Either. In this example, we use Not Present, since we want records that have NOT been signed.
  • Locked field may be set to Locked, Unlocked or Either,
  • Patient Status may be set to Intake or Patient.
  • Patient Group that you are interested in viewing, if applicable,
  • Form Name that you are searching for. In this example, the form is Collaboration Notes.
  • Completed By refers to the Staff member that filled out the form.
  • Active Program Assignment and Active Staff Assignment will allow you to filter by specific assignments if needed.
  • Insurer that you are searching for, in this case, we selected BCBD Excellus.
Tip: Some fields allow the option of Multiple Selected, which will allow you to choose more than one option.

Bulk Signing and Locking Forms

Once you have searched for records that meet your criteria, you may use the select box on the left to choose any or all records from the list and use either the Sign, Sign & Lock or the Lock button to take action on all selected records at one time.

Handling Existing Signatures

Before signing, you may select Ignore or Overwrite to tell the system how you want to proceed when there is already a signature present.


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