Adding a User License

Add or update licenses as your organization grows.

Best Practice: Before adding a new user license, you should be familiar with our License Types and Staff Types.

License Types

  • A Full License is assigned to a standard user who will actively log in to the system. A Full License will count towards your available licenses.

  • A Limited License is assigned to someone who will not log into the system, but whose name should appear in the program for scheduling and other purposes. Limited Licenses will not count toward your allotment of licenses. 

Staff Types

  • A Clinical User refers to anyone who sees patients or writes notes.

  • A Supervisory User refers to anyone who supervises a Clinical User and may need to countersign documents but is not seeing patients themselves.

  • A Supervisory & Clinical User is a combination of the two above.

  • Other Users refer to non-clinical staff such as schedulers, billers, front-desk, and IT support.

Adding a User Licence

Administrative users can add new users, register ePrescribers, or add Telehealth Connector licenses by going to: Admin Config > License Manager.

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