Using Form Builder - Intro and Practice

Begin using Form Builder by learning the basics and designing a practice form.

About Form Builder

You can use Form Builder to create very simple or highly intricate forms. Forms are made up of individual fields which collect and store information. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to a few basic Form Builder concepts and provide the steps to build and view a basic form.

Form Type

Form Builder can help you design four types of forms: Patient Forms, Staff Forms, Simple Forms, Stand-Alone Forms, and Progress Note Forms. Use this page to design a learn a few basic concepts and build and complete a basic Patient Form.

Patient Forms

Patient Forms are the most common Form Type. Once you build a Patient Form, you'll find it in the Paperwork Menu.


Fields are the building blocks of your form. You'll use a field to collect a specific piece of information. 

Field Controls

You'll use Field Controls to select how each of your fields work. Later, you will learn to use List, Date, Grid and Signature controls. In this practice form, you will use a Textbox Control to capture a few words of text.   

Field Properties

Each field has many different properties that can be set to support your overall form design. Later, you will learn about Formula Settings and Formatting fields. In this practice form, you will use a Field Label to name your field.

Distributing Forms

Once you design and save a form, you may distribute the form using the instructions below.

Designing a Practice Form

  • Create a new form.
    • Go to Utilities > Form Builder > Form Builder.

    • Click Create New.

  • Enter Form Details.
    • Answer at least these three required questions:

      • What type of form are you building? Select Patient Form.

      • What do you want to call the form? Enter "Practice Form."

      • How would you describe it? Enter "This is a Practice form."

      • Uncheck the box Should all users have access to it?

    • Click Create.

    • This brings you to a new form. Note that:
      • The list of Form Controls is on the left.

      • The design workspace is in the center.

      • The list of Field Properties is on the right.

  • Add a field to your form
    • Select the Single Line Control.

    • You will see a field added to your design workspace.

  • Set Properties for your field
    • Go to the Field Properties on the right.

    • Go to the Field Label field and enter First Name.

    • Go to the Field Label Font field to select a font for your field.

    • Save.

  • Distribute your form 
    • Return to the Enter Details Form using the Icon on the top left. If you hover over the icons, there is a mouse-over text.

    • Check the box Should Users Have Access to it?

    • Click Distribute

    • Confirm distribution.

Viewing Your Practice Form

  • Close Form Builder.

  • Go to Paperwork > New Forms >Practice Form.

  • Click on the Search Icon and select your test patient.

  • Click Accept.

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