Connecting to ClinicTracker Hosting Service on a Mac

Download the software for connecting to ClinicTracker.


Follow these instructions to download the software for connecting to ClinicTracker’s Hosting Service on a Mac.

  • Step 1   Go to the Apple App Store and Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App
  • Step 2   Follow the prompts 
  • Step 3  Type/paste this address into the PC name field:
  • Click on the Remote Desktop icon and then on the plus sign.
  • Click on “Add PC”:
  • In the “User account” drop down, choose “Add User Account.”
  • Now enter your username provided by your admin. (it's in the form: ClinicTracker\ClinicCode_UserName)
  • Click “Add”
  • Click on the Gateway dropdown and select “Add Gateway” 
  • Enter this Gateway name:

  • For user account, use the drop-down to select the user account you entered before.

  • Click on “Add”

  • From now on, when you want to connect to ClinicTracker, simply click on the Remote Desktop icon:

  • Choose your PC name, and you’ll find yourself on a desktop with the ClinicTracker icon:

  • Step 4   On the Remote Applications screen, double-click the CT Remote Desktop Icon.
  • Step 5   Using your File Explorer, find the file cpub-ClinicTrackerDes-ClinicTrackerDes-CmsRdsh in your Download Folder
  • Step 6   Drag the file to your desktop
  • Step 7   From your desktop, double-click the CT Remote Desktop icon.
  • Step 10  On the screen that comes up, check the box Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher.
  • Step 11 Click Connect.

Explore alternative connection methods via: 

  • Hosting Service on a Windows Device
  • Hosting Service on an Apple Device
  • Hosting Service on a Mobile Device
  • A web browser 
  • RemoteApp 




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